Sandisk launches 90nm Flash memory chip

Sunnyvale (CA) - Sandisk today introduced a new generation of its NAND Flash memory technology. The new 4 Gb chip will lead the way to flash memory with twice the capacity of today's products.

The new generation NAND multi-level cell memories will enable the production of flash memory at a reduced cost per MB, Sandisk said. As a result, the storage space of current cards will double and push NAND flash further into mobile and consumer applications, according to the company.

Sandisk offers the new chip as 4 Gb version as well as an 8 Gb chip which stacks two 4 Gb memories within a single package.

Mass production of the device is expected to begin in the third quarter of 2004. Sandisk does not currently plan to sell 4Gb NAND components and will use all of its output in its flash memory products that are currently expected to start shipping in the third quarter, according to a company statement.