Saygus Preps Dual-SIM Saygus V-Squared Smartphone (Updated)

You may have heard of the Saygus smartphone that has been showcased several times over the last year by Saygus. Although the phone has yet to be released, it has received a great deal of feedback from people excited about the unique dual-microSD card and dual-boot features. It is unclear if the Saygus will ever see the light of day, but the (now officially named) Saygus V-Squared apparently will.

Since the announcement of V², Saygus has been receiving feedback from fans around the world. Analysis of this feedback has shown a high number of requests for the addition of a second SIM card slot, and the company is inclined to give them one.

Though the spelling of the name has officially changed a bit, the internals of the smartphone remain the same. The prize features of the phone include the dual-microSD card slots, the SoC, the 1080p display, the 21MP camera and the 3100 mAH battery, are all carried over from the other smartphone design. For more information on those specs, see our CES coverage of the V².

Currently, the company is raising money with an Indiegogo page and aims to collect $1 million USD. Less than a day into the fundraising process, the company has already raised $860,000, so it will almost certainly reach its target goal. After the fundraiser is over, Saygus plans to get carrier certifications and finalize tooling this month, order parts next month, and assemble and perform QA testing through September.

The first shipments of the V-Squared are expected to arrive this fall, so if you have been waiting for a Saygus V phone since it was first mentioned back at CES, then get ready, because it's coming. Apparently.

Update, 6/23/15, 11:15am PT: We asked Saygus to clarify a few things, and the company has responded. The first and most notable is that the device will have a USB Type-C port with USB 3.0. (Better than USB 2.0, not as exciting as USB 3.1, so it goes.)

Additionally, Saygus has tweaked its "" branding slightly, because too many folks were saying "v two" instead of "v-squared," and thus the marketing nomenclature is now spelled out. "V-squared" it is. We have adjusted the copy of our original post to reflect that change.

Finally, as a bit of time has passed since we first published this article, Saygus' Indiegogo progress has marched on. The effort has cleared $1 million. The current total stands at $1,057,375 after just eight days. The campaign still has 23 days to go.

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