The Average HDD is Now 590 GB in Capacity

The average size is about 590 GB, which is an increase of 39 percent year-over-year, Steve Luczo, Seagate's CEO said. Total industry demand for hard drive storage media climbed to an astounding 330,000 PB within the past year.

Seagate shipped 52 million hard drives with a combined capacity of more than 29,000 PB in the most recent quarter, while the output for the year reached 199 million units. Seagate reported revenue of $2.9 billion and net income of $119 million for the quarter.

WD slightly exceeded Samsung's shipments with about 54 million units during the quarter. WD reported revenue of $2.4 billion and a net income of about $193 million.

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  • dgingeri
    That's it?
  • c0oim4n
    I actually thought it would be a lot more than that, considering most computers ship with at least a 500GB HDD nowadays. And I thought that with the 2TB and 3TB drives coming along as fast as they are, more people aren't buying them to satisfy their storage needs. I know that I moderately download stuff, and I already have 700+GB worth of just movies and TV shows.
  • niteshadow53
    What would be really interesting is if they could chart the growth of the average SSD size. Now that would be cool to see