Seasonic Focus Plus Having Compatibility Issues With Certain GPUs

The Seasonic Focus Plus power supply unit (PSU) sells like hot cakes, thanks to its good performance and affordable prices. Nonetheless, when something is sold in such high numbers some issues can arise considering a large number of users will operate it under different conditions and hardware configurations. Today, Seasonic released a statement saying it has been notified about some issues when a Focus PSU is used in conjunction with certain GPUs.

Seasonic said that any of customers who have such a combination and experience compatibility issues like the ones listed below should contact Seasonic's support for further assistance:


This combination is leading to users seeing a black screen under load. Current testing showed that using this GPU with the Seasonic Focus Plus produced higher than normal ripple when under load. The vendor said using modified PCIe cables with enhanced shielding resolved the issue.

FOCUS PLUS & Vega 56/64

System shutdown may occur when the GPU is under load. Current testing showed users can see higher than normal peak current emitted by this particular range of GPUs when under load. This triggers the PSU’s internal safety if it's a Focus Plus that came to market before April 2018.

Contributing Editor

Aris Mpitziopoulos is a Contributing Editor at Tom's Hardware US, covering PSUs.