Silicon Lottery to Bin AMD Ryzen 9 3950X and Intel Core i9-9900KS This November

Unsurprisingly, Silicon Lottery is extending its chip binning business to AMD and Intel's upcoming flagships, the Ryzen 9 3950X and Core i9-9900KS, respectively. As a reminder, Silicon Lottery specializes in buying large quantities of CPUs and testing them to sort out the best from the worst in a process called binning. The company then sells the premium chips (with a precertified overclock) to customers with a markup. 

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AMD originally announced the Ryzen 9 3950X would arrive last month, but the company delayed the launch until November, which is the same month the Threadripper 3000 series will debut. Meanwhile, Intel hasn't given a firm launch date for the Core i9-9900KS, but told us that we should expect it by the end of this month. If you want a look at what to expect from that processor, check out our Exclusive: Testing Intel's Unreleased Core i9-9900KS article. 

Silicon Lottery lists the Ryzen 9 3950X as available on November 30, but this is likely a placeholder given that AMD hasn't told us exactly when it will be available. Maybe AMD is launching it on the last day of November, but would Silicon Lottery publicly advertise that fact? Probably not. Considering the somewhat limited overclocking headroom we see with other Ryzen 3000 CPUs, it's an open question whether or not the 3950X will overclock better than its siblings; on the one hand, the CPU has the most cores of the entire lineup (which typically constrains overclockability), but on the other hand it surely has better silicon quality than other third-gen Ryzen parts. We'll have to wait and see.

The Core i9-9900KS does have a seemingly-firm release date of November 3, according to Silicon Lottery's listing. Now, Intel did promise the 9900KS this month, not in November, so this could also be a placeholder date. Though it is odd the listing is a few days into November rather than October 31 (perhaps it would be too spooky?). Whatever the reasoning behind the date, Silicon Lottery will also be binning it alongside the Ryzen 9  3950X, and we might see some pretty high clock speeds since the -9900KS from Silicon Lottery will essentially be binned twice, once by Intel and once again by Silicon Lottery.

For AMD and Intel enthusiasts alike, the last week of October and November will be an interesting time. We have our fingers crossed that the Ryzen 9 3950X might be a little more exciting for overclocking than the other Ryzen 3000 CPUs and that the Core i9-9900KS will push 14nm+++ higher than ever before.

Matthew Connatser

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  • kinggremlin
    admin said:
    Silicon Lottery is extending its chip binning business to AMD's Ryzen 9 3950X and Intel's Core i9-9900KS.

    Silicon Lottery to Bin AMD Ryzen 9 3950X and Intel Core i9-9900KS This November : Read more
    Why is this news? Anyone care to point out the last halo CPU from either AMD or Intel that Silicon Lottery didn't bin? How much did Silicon Lottery pay you guys to post this advertisement as a news article?
  • NightHawkRMX
    The i9 9900ks is a high binned chip already. I doubt there will be much reason to bin.
  • justin.m.beauvais
    Does this mean that they also sell below average performing chips for cheaper? Because I don't need the overclocking, I'd just like to get one at or maybe a little less than stock speed to save a buck or two.
  • hannibal
    Yeah. We know quite well how ”exiting” overclocking is with modern cpus/gpus... move on nothing worth seeing is here. What this will tell is the delta between ”bad” and ”golden” samples... and that is not very wide in these days.
  • jimmysmitty
    NightHawkRMX said:
    The i9 9900ks is a high binned chip already. I doubt there will be much reason to bin.

    Agreed. Its a 5GHz all core binned chip. I doubt any of them wont still OC slightly higher, 5.1 to 5.2GHz. Its why there is a premium over the 9900K/9900KF.

    The Ryzen I understand even though this should be the best of the Zen 2 chips.