Sony releases 8 GB MicroVault USB drive in Europe

Users in Europe will be able to buy a new 8 GB version of Sony's MicroVault Pro USB hard-drives this month. Sporting a one-inch hard-drive, the new MicroVault connects to the computer via a 180 degree swiveling USB 2.0 connector. Sony's Auto Sync utility is pre-installed on the drive and lets users maintain several generations of backup files.

Like other MicroVault models, this 8 GB version comes with Sony's Virtual Expander compression software, which Sony claims can compress files to up to one-third their original size. In addition, the included Auto Sync utility lets users backup and synchronize their files with one click. With enough free space, up to ten generations of the same file or document can be stored.

The 8 GB MicroVault Pro is available in Europe for 200 Euros (about $240). There is no word on when or if the device will come to the United States, but residents here can already buy the smaller 8 GB model.