Sony Sells 70 Million PS3s; PS2 is Still King

The console reached this mark just before its 6th birthday, which was on November 11, 2012. According to the company, 15 million Move controllers have been sold, as well. So far, 595 million copies of 3,590 game titles have shipped. In addition, there are more than 170,000 different downloadable content items and more than 57,000 downloadable games available for the PS3 via the PSN.

In direct comparison to the PS2, the PS3 is substantially behind its predecessor's shipment volume. The PS2 exceeded 103 million shipped units in just under six years of production and has topped more than 150 million as Sony is currently phasing out the production. In its fiscal year 2011, Sony said that it was able to sell 4.1 million PS2s.

More than 1.52 billion copies of a total of 10,828 available PS2 game titles have shipped. The PS3 is likely to be offered in parallel to the upcoming PS4 for at least another six years, but is too far behind to be able to surpass the PS2 in unit sales.

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  • DroKing
    because PS2 had the games that was based purely on game play and FUN plus the backward compatibility that PS3 lacked. RIP Sony, It was nice knowing you when you thrived for the best now you are just sitting on your fat wallets and snoring.
  • ikyung
    Well, PS1, PS2, PS3 has always been the most powerful consoles of their own generation and due to the fact it can play CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays has always been a great selling point for them.

    But, I think that is the only thing they got going for them right now. Whens the last time anyone has looked at a Sony product other then their console and thought I NEED TO GET THAT!

    TVs, Phone, Blu-Ray players, Computers, Laptops, etc. Always a quarter or two behind their competition. Yet they price it as high as Apple products.
  • tolham
    9427924 said:
    Whens the last time anyone has looked at a Sony product other then their console and thought I NEED TO GET THAT!
    good point. i can't remember the last time i bought a sony product.
  • PTNLemay
    Who still buys PS2?
  • skit75
    I just bought a PS3 this week. There seems to have always been one in my house wherever I lived and I know there are many like it but, this one is mine. I am primarily a PC gamer though and bought it for its other features.
  • CaedenV
    That is 8.5 games per console sold...
    That's just downright sad. But then again, there were only 2-3 games that I wanted, which is why I never ended up buying one in the first place. No matter how great the hardware, and the interface, and the control scheme, it can never make up for a lack of good fun cheap games. On my PS2 I picked up at least 20 games for the thing over the years, and never once did I have a purchase I was let down by, and never once did I have to fork over more than $25 for a game. And the thing is that I still game! Granted it has moved to the PC, but it is not like I have forked over a ton of money in hardware to play games for the PC. I only spent $200 above what I already needed to have a decent PC, and BAM, it's a decent game rig. And the best part? between the used game selection, and Steam sales, I have only tqice spent more than $15 on a game (Dragon Age Orgins, and Skyrim).

    Consoles are plainly too expensive, and they need to remember that cheap entertainment is what the masses really want.
  • computernerdforlife
    Sony car decks are good guys. Don't bash those! hahaha lol
  • bustapr
    i have a ps3 and had 2 ps2. the 1st ps2 lasted me a solid 6 years, the 2nd ps2 lasted me 5 months with same use. collected over 25 games for them. I now have a ps3 and I honestly only have 5 games. the main problem with this gen of games is the amount of focus thats been given to coop, multiplayer, and run n gun while explosions happen everywhere(CoD style campaign). there havent been many story driven single player games with nice cutscenes and surprises. the ps2 had many.

    also doesnt help my gaming on ps3 that I discovered steam over the last 5 year and those pocket emptying sales. neither does it help that they invest in new things that recieve so little support from 3rd parties. but I must admit, Sonys PS+ is quite good. they give away some amazing games.

    ps3 is by no means a bad console, it has quite good features. only bad thing about it is the bad games it gets.
  • tomfreak
    isnt it an obvious answer? Ps2 was better than xbox, now is xbox360 > Ps3
  • rdc85
    owned 2 ps, and 3 ps2.... (most died because of bad optic, and bad electricity)

    Haven't tried ps3, it was to expensive for me when it launched (not mention the game price and the need for internet connection to utilize it full potential)...

    Now don't had the urge to buy one...
    maybe i'm just to old, maybe the game not interest me anymore...

    but if they release FF7 remake for ps4... I'll buy one for sure (both the game and the console to play it)