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Raspberry Pi Zero Upcycles iPod For Portable Spotify Streaming

Raspberry Pi
(Image credit: Guy Dupont)

When maker Guy Dupont came into possession of a few classic iPods, he knew he had a potential Raspberry Pi project on his hands. This led to the development of sPot—a Raspberry Pi-powered Spotify streaming device housed inside of a 2004, 4th gen iPod.

The project uses elements from the iPod like the screen and original scroll wheel to operate the Spotify menu. It also comes with a slew of new features like Bluetooth support—necessary for integrating the device with modern systems and speakers.

Raspberry Pi

(Image credit: Guy Dupont)

Inside the 4th gen iPod is a Raspberry Pi Zero W (opens in new tab) which provides the wireless access necessary to stream using Spotify. The Pi is running the official Raspberry Pi OS to interface with the Spotify API.

The user interface was built using Python and designed to mimic the original iPod menu. This edition, however, has a few new features like real-time streaming through Spotify, rather than accessing list of locally stored files, and a custom search function. The unit is totally portable thanks to a 1000mAh battery which can be recharged using a micro USB port.

You can find a full video breaking down the project on Dupont’s official YouTube channel. Check out our list of Best Raspberry Pi Projects for more cool Pi projects from the maker community.

Ash Hill
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