Latest 'Star Citizen' Video Shows Procedurally Generated Planets

Star Citizen: From Pupil To Planet

As part of a four-hour livestream session on Twitch where Cloud Imperium Games showed off more behind-the-scenes work for Star Citizen, the developers presented a video that showcased the game’s procedural planet system.

The clip, titled "From Pupil To Planet," started zooming out from the eye of a pilot outside of his ship, which was docked inside a hangar. The camera continued to zoom out, showing more features of the small planetary base and then eventually panning over the mountainous region before exiting the atmosphere and showing the planet as a whole.

The entire purpose of the short video was to show a seamless transition from a player’s viewpoint, all the way to showing off a whole planet, thanks to procedurally generated rendering. As the camera moves further away, the ground below is created at various levels of detail as an entire planet would take up too much memory space.

The timing of the video is too coincidental with the recent release of Elite: Dangerous Horizons, which just introduced the planetary landing feature. Just like Star Citizen, the game also uses procedurally generated rendering as you enter from deep space, enter orbital speed, and eventually reach surface speed to touch down on a landing pad.

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  • clonazepam
    Oh its going to be so good. Patiently waiting for the retail release. I feel like its going to be the biggest bang for the buck in terms of diverse content.

    I haven't played a flight sim since Freespace 2, and its getting tougher to keep that type of an experience fresh for when this finally drops.
  • ilhazard
    Here is a link to a gameplay demo of a player flying a ship from a space station to the planet's surface. This video should go hand in hand with the video linked within the article to prove that it is not just a pre-rendered concept, but something that will be released to players soon.
  • Avus
    I will gladly pay $120USD to this game than that Star Wars Battlefront eye candy tech demo....