Microsoft Cuts the Price of the Surface Pro by $100

Microsoft has confirmed that the price of the Surface Pro will drop by $100 for the month of August. The news follows a similar price cut for the Surface RT, which was discounted back in mid-July and marked down to $349 for the 32 GB model. The 64 GB model was marked down to $449. Now, it's the Surface Pro's turn, though the discounts this time around are not as hefty as those imposed on the Surface RT.


The Verge reports receiving confirmation from Microsoft that the Surface Pro will be discounted by $100 starting August 4 and continuing through to August 29. Indeed, this offer is now reflected on Microsoft's own website, with the stipulation that those taking advantage of the offer won't be getting a cover included with their purchase. The offer is good for those living in the United States as well as residents in Canada, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like the UK or Australia are getting any love this time around, despite enjoying last month's Surface RT discounts

The price cuts are in place just in time for the back-to-school shopping season, which is always good for discounts on notebooks. The 64 GB model has fallen from $899 to $799, while the 128 GB model has dropped to $899 from $999.

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  • stevejnb
    Move in the right direction. Another $100 off of each model of both the RT and the Surface and they're *very* compelling products. I still feel like paying over $300 for a 32 gb RT is a lot, and Pro is still hovering at the top end of the tablet spectrum and even into the ultrabook spectrum when it just doesn't have the name brand to warrant significant attention at that price point. The Pro is an awesome device, but you can buy four pretty decent Android tablets for the cost of one of them, or even the status-symbol (though vastly overrated at that price point) iPad. Who outside of tech nuts know what a Surface Pro is, or wants one?
  • BringMeAnother
    Unfortunately, the Surface Pro is no longer an interesting product with rumors of the Surface Pro 2 and other Haswell machines announced.

    Personally, I wish they'd make a 13.3in or larger Hawell tablet with a proper dock for those who really need it for work and a 8in to 10in Bay Trail tablet for dedicated content consumption and occasional work.
  • mobrocket
    Surface tablets should have been priced like Nexus tablets

    Just like the Xbox One should be priced like the PS4

    MSFT wants to make money at the point of sale and after....