The Rogue Initiative Tries Its Hand At Producing AAA VR Content

Virtual reality is a potential gold mine for content creators, and as launch day for various HMDs creeps closer, more developers are jumping on the VR bandwagon. The latest group to join the movement is called The Rogue Initiative, which describes itself as a “AAA VR production company.”

Instead of placing all of its efforts on one aspect of VR content, such as games or film, The Rogue Initiative wants to work with various projects in virtual reality. The group plans to work with multiple HMDs, such as the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR. However, it will also create content for traditional entertainment outlets like Netflix, Hulu and even cable networks.

The Rogue Initiative is led by three co-founders: CEO and creative director Pete Blumel, chief production officer Cathy Twigg, and chief business development officer Hrish Lotlikar. Blumel and Twigg bring in experience from the gaming and entertainment industries, and Lotlikar’s financial background means that he will manage the new company’s assets as it continues to grow.

Even before the first wave of VR products hit the market, the company is already hard at work with a few projects, including “a big episodic action tentpole franchise, a psychological thriller, and a stylized animated action adventure.”

The rise of companies like The Rogue Initiative is another step in the area of VR content development. Creating a movie, TV show or game in VR is a different experience compared to conventional methods of development, and companies with a long-standing reputation in the entertainment or gaming industries might need to create their own VR production company if they want a piece of the VR market. However, The Rogue Initiative could also help these companies with production, which could give the startup a much-needed boost as the need for VR content will undoubtedly rise over the next few months.

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