New Trailer Provides One More Sneak Peek Of 'The Walking Dead: Michonne'

The Walking Dead: Michonne comes out tomorrow, and Telltale Games released another trailer for the game's first episode titled "In Too Deep."

The trailer provided some in-game footage to give fans an idea of what to expect in the sword-wielder's story. Michonne separated from the original group, led by Rick Grimes, and fought the undead horde on her own. However, she meets the crew of a ship called The Companion, which continues to find survivors and supplies along the coast. Even though she decides to go with the new group, Michonne is still struggling with her past. The memories of her child continue to haunt her, and at some point, she has to get past the emotional hurdle to survive in the terrifying zombie world.

Unlike The Walking Dead game series, which had 10 episodes over two season, Michonne's story will only span three episodes. After the first episode comes out tomorrow, players can expect episode 2 ("Give No Shelter") in March and the final installment ("What We Deserve") at some point in April.

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