Thermaltake's Alexa-Controlled RGB Gaming Keyboard Gets Razer Green Switches

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Thermaltake (TT) is giving its Level 20 RGB gaming keyboard a Razer Green twist. In January, it announced the Level 20 with Cherry MX keys, a whole lot of RGB illumination, as well as a unique ability to control lighting via smartphone or tablet. Today, TT upped the ante with the Level 20 RGB Razer Green version. Naturally, it offers Razer Green mechanical switches. It also has a slightly lower cost of $129.99 (compared to $139.99-$149.99 for MX switches). 

The Razer Green switch has a tactile bump with a distinctive click sound and optimized actuation and reset points. That means users can expect to hear and feel every key press. This compares directly with Cherry MX Blue switches offering similar feel and sound (tactile feedback with a click) without the bump. The Razer Green switch takes 50g of force to actuate with an actuation point of 1.9mm and a total travel distance of 4mm. According to Razer, those switches make it the "best in class" when it comes to gaming and typing performance. 

Additional features on the Razer-branded switch include dual-side walls said to increase stability and help protect against spills and dust. Reliability is another important factor, with the Razer switches touting an 80 million keystroke lifespans (versus 50 million on the comparable MX Blue).

(Image credit: Thermaltake)

Switches aside, the Level 20 RGB Razer Green keyboard carries over all of the features found in the original. This includes a 2mm thick aluminum top plate with floating keycap design, dedicated multimedia controls, audio and USB pass-through ports, 100% anti-ghosting with full key rollover and 16.8 million color RGB lighting across the front/sides. With all of its RGBs, the keyboard is able to create 13 different lighting effects on the front/sides, along with 14 other lighting effects (sides/face) for a customizable RGB illumination experience.

You can control the RGB lighting in a couple ways. One is through the Thermaltake RGB Plus software, which is able to control other TT Sync compatible devices, such as case fans, CPU/VGA water blocks, AIO CPU coolerspower supplies, LED strips and other peripherals. You can also use Razer Synapse 3 software, which works with both TT and Razer's RGB ecosystems. In addition to the software on your PC, TT RGB Plus products also support Amazon Alexa, so you can control the lights or fan speeds by talking to an Alexa-enabled device. There are also iOS and Android apps that support voice command. If sitting back in your chair and barking out orders to your PC for lighting and fan control is your thing, look no further. 

The Level 20 RGB Razer Green gaming keyboard is available now with an MSRP of $129 through TT's network of authorized retailers and distributors. TT backs the keyboard with a two-year warranty. 

Joe Shields
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