Single-Player in Titanfall Series Not Ruled Out

Game Informer recently spoke with Respawn Entertainment Chief Operating Officer Dusty Welch about the direction of Titanfall. One of the topics discussed was about the campaign, which does not offer a single-player experience. He indicated that the campaign mode may be reexamined and retooled, but gamers hoping that a single-player experience will be introduced in the near future may be a little disappointed.

"Would I rule it out for the future? Certainly not," he told the magazine. "But I think that there's a lot of reward in continuing to push the paradigm that Titanfall introduced, which is this always connected, real live visceral multiplayer universe. We learned a lot, and I think it's up to us to think about how we apply the learning to make the next game even more expansive and more engaging than the first."

He went on to state that the Titanfall team is definitely interested in eSports, and acknowledges that many fans want to see the game played competitively.

"If I had my druthers, then I would try and test this a little bit further this year," Welch told the magazine. "I think it would be interesting to take some more steps in the eSports direction. I don't know if we will, though. There's obviously a lot of work to do in the game and in the code and in the spectator mode and some other things. I think it's certainly something that the audience is begging for, and it gives us a lot of encouragement thinking beyond this current Titanfall and into the future."

Earlier this year, the team removed two multiplayer modes from the PC version: Capture the Flag and Pilot Hunter. Fans lashed out, wanting them put back into place, thus Capture the Flag was revised and re-released, raking in a higher player count. The team is still working on Pilot Hunter.

"We would like to find the ability to sell to more users and attach to more users through Origin," Welch said. "And so part of what we're doing is providing more content and more features, more functionality, but also, we're listening to the PC audience that's asking for all kinds of PC platform specific content upgrades or features upgrades for hardware and software to make their gameplay experience really top notch."

To read the full interview, head here.

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  • Phillip Wager
    it will just be a $34.99 DLC
  • oxxfatelostxxo
    Would love to see cross platform gaming. Which sadly wont happen but I can dream I guess. Most of my friends have it on xbox and I cant justify buying a console for a few games when my PC will maintain its edge longer.
  • jay2tall
    I really do enjoy Titanfall. I had the craps of playing the same modern warfare type FPS games. I gave up on COD after MW2 and BF after BF3. It all just seemed they were selling us the same crap, just new maps and DLC you have to fork out money to get. EA wants money for everything and they stage the release of maps just so you buy Premium. I enjoyed COD single player games, but they never went on sale and wasn't worth the cost to just to play single player. Titanfall feels like a fresh new game. Parkour moves, giant titans, and NPC minions for cannon fodder is just all new, or at least very rarely seen in a large title game. I DO miss a cool single player campaign with a well thought out story. That is really missing in Titanfall. The multiplayer campaign they put together isn't really great. It feels like multiplayer with extra dialogue. That is about it. Everyone plays it to unlock the 2 titans, but that is really the only reason to play it. I would like to see single player added or part of the next game. Also, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE compress the freaking audio so your game isn't 50GB. I don't know many gamers still running a dual core, which I believe is the reason they went with uncompressed audio. I know a lot more guys who have 120GB SSD drives that are ticked off because the game takes up half their drive. I am waiting for the season pass to go on sale. $25 just doesn't taste good to me. I pucked up Titanfall on an Origin sale. I've seen it several times since that for $30, which is a good deal for a newer game and for how fun it is. I get a lot of laughs out of playing it.
  • Zeroplanetz
    Seeing as how I don't play multi player online I won't be purchasing this game. Wish it had single player though.
  • deadbc77
    I pre-ordered this game assuming it had a single player campaign.Well needless to say we all know what happens when you assume.Just sits there in my Origin Library.Best money i've ever spent.
  • junkeymonkey
    We would like to find the ability to sell to more users and attach to more users through Origin,"

    well good luck with that.. what was wrong with putting the ''full'' game on a disk with out the need for that 3ed party involvement ?? why do you need full access to my computer at all times to play your game ? just reading the agreements for them right off tells me to stay away.. like origin , one of first thing they say in theres is ''this is not spyware'' like they got to first convince someone of that right off the bat and if its not why then do I need it?? or like steam's the key words in theres is ''with out limitations'' like I'm freely going to give them unlimited access to my rig to make changes as they se fit ?? no you just keep your game and i'll keep my money and privacy the best I can ..
  • lumpy
    Origin isn't 3rd party. Its EA.
  • SvenTH
    Dont buy this shit!
    Dont get me wrong, the game itself is great... if you ever get to play it at all.
    >80% of the time you are stuck at infinite loading screen and EA has no solution or intention to fix their shit.
    I clocked in 15hrs of play time since i bought the game over a month ago.
  • invisibilian
    Buy our game, maybe just maybe somewhere down the road we will bring a single player campaign that should have been included in the day one release in the first place. lol!!!
  • alz_solstice
    Hoping for a F2P of this game.