Tom's Hardware Steam Giveaway, 'Elite Dangerous: Deluxe Edition!'

Hey everyone! We've got another great Steam giveaway lined up for you. This round, we have three copies of Elite Dangerous: Deluxe Edition up for grabs!

Want to win? Join the discussion in our giveaway thread and tell us, "If you could ask a VR developer one thing, what would it be?" Keep in mind we will be using these questions and answers in an upcoming indie VR developer roundtable! To increase your odds, you can also enter via the raffle widget at the top of the thread entry page.

The contest will run until 12pm EDT on Friday, May 27. The game will be awarded to the winner as a Steam gift. A Steam account is required to receive the prize and play the game.

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Apart from our awesome giveaways, we have whole host of other fun things planned for the community. Right now, we're getting ready for our first ever foray to E3. We'll be there to provide extra coverage and bring the atmosphere and feel of E3 right to you! We're going to hit up all the big booths and most of the smaller ones, bringing you pictures and descriptions of each exhibit. In addition, we'll bring you video walkthroughs of the convention halls so that you can feel like you're there—all from the comfort of your own home!

On top of that, because we are the Community team, we want to make sure that the community—that's you!—is heard!

So, take a moment and check out the list of E3's Participating Companies. See anybody that catches your eye? Maybe you've got a question you'd like to ask them. Maybe you just want to make sure we get a shot of their cool new products, or you want a first-hand account of a new game. Whatever it is, leave your requests in this thread and we'll try to get it done!

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  • thtrop
    Given the possible uses of VR, i would ask if he thought about virtualizing some everyday applications that are either "reality-only" like a pinboard. Or virtualizing stuff that is restricted by input methods (mouse/keyboard/touchscreen). Like handling a calendar, taking notes, etc.
  • problematiq
    I could not get into this game. I guess for me it was strange playing flight simulator based controls in space, kinda weird flying a ship as if you were flying in an atmosphere. Again personal preference.
  • Illumynization
    When can we see full walking/swimming/flying movement through an open world game?

    Or multi-player games with cooperative or competitive play?

    Lastly how about movies that we can watch in vr. We would have to rematch these movies over and over because there could always be something we missed.
  • KenZen2B
    1. When will the field of view become greater than it is now (both horiztially and vertically) ?

    2. How much can the weight of the headsets be reduced ?