Your Tom’s Hardware Intel Haswell-E Builder Sweepstakes 2014 Prize Winners

Yesterday, we unveiled the winning systems of our Intel Haswell-E Builder Sweepstakes, and today we're announcing the lucky readers who get to take home our sweepstakes prizes.

Joseph Hubbard and Kevin Harrelson were drawn at random to each receive the first prize, which consists of an Intel Core i7-5960X CPU and a 240 GB Intel 730 SSD. That's a prize package valued at $1,240 total -- $1,050 for the chip and $190 for the SSD.

We also have multiple second prize winners: Gregory Andrew, Corbin Doughty, David Ross, Anthony Tanner, Michael Schappacher, Daniel Rion, Samuel Patterson and Charles Coquet are all taking home an Intel Core i7-5820K CPU and the same 240 GB Intel 730 SSD as our first prize winners. That's a total value of $580.

All of our winners will now have some choice components to get them rolling on a killer next-gen system build. Congrats to the lot of them and big thanks to Intel for providing our prizes!

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