Tt eSPORTS Launches Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboard

Tt eSPORTS released on Friday a new "tenkeyless" mechanical gaming keyboard called the Poseidon ZX. This keyboard ditches the number pad to make the overall form factor narrower; 80 percent the size of a standard full-size keyboard, in fact. That should make it easier to carry around when attending LAN parties, and provide more space for the mouse when used on a desktop.

"The Poseidon ZX offers users a budget friendly full featured mechanical gaming keyboard that could both be the perfect choice for a first time mechanical keyboard user as well as a mechanical keyboard enthusiast," states the PR.

According to the company, the Poseidon ZX is fully plug-and-play, meaning you don't need to install drivers or extra proprietary software. The keyboard also comes with Tt certified blue switches with full LED backlighting, a dedicated key to disable the Windows key, accessible media keys, N-Key-rollover via USB, and four levels of adjustable brightness via the Fn (function) + F11/F12 keys.

The company's site reports that the engineering team spent two years developing a switch that was "just right" and approved by professional gamers. The first keyboard to offer these switches was the Poseidon Z Illuminated. Now the switches are being offered to consumers through the Poseidon ZX.

"The TteSPORTS Certified Mechanical BLUE switches are built for speed and durability, offering a pronounced tactile feel and audible click feedback," states the PR. "These switches were specially chosen by our pro-gamers and engineers, and we believe in them so much that we're offering the world's first 5 year warranty on a mechanical gaming keyboard."

The Poseidon ZX will go on sale for $74.99 in the USA, Taiwan, and China starting in July. The keyboard will also roll out to other select regions sometime thereafter.

While looking through Razer's portfolio, the only competing keyboard solution the company appears to have that matches the new Poseidon ZX in size and price is the Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition and the BlackWidow Tournament Stealth Edition. These have mechanical keys, but no backlighting; that's saved for the larger models with a number pad like the Battlefield 4 Razer BlackWidow Ultimate.

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  • soldier44
    Meh, chiclet keys or nothing.
  • brandonjclark
    Meh, chiclet keys or nothing.

    Said no one in the history of the universe. EVER.
  • Garry Chen
    Kailh switches...

  • ewok93
    Not a bad price for a mechanical keyboard, and I've had some experience with TTEsports' keyboards, having a a Meka G-Unit myself. For gaming, I find the blue keys odd, though, most of the time black or red are preferable for faster double-tapping, and less noise. The full backlighting is nice, though, not common for mechanical keyboards as a standard.