Tyan Personal Super Computer arrives to market

Back in March, we reported that Tyan was showing off prototypes of its 8- and 16-core Typhoon Personal Supercomputers (PSC) at CeBit. Now, the company is officially making those computers available. The Typhoon can support up to eight physical processors, which gives you up to 16 processor cores.

Up to 64 GB of DDR 400/333 registered memory can be installed on the AMD Opteron 200 version, while 32 GB of DDR2-667/533 memory can be installed on the Intel Pentium D model. Eight Gigabit Ethernet ports and four Serial ATA ports are available. Tyan says the Typhoon is quiet and runs at less than 45 dB.

There are plans for future Typhoon models based on the Xeon 5100 ("Woodcrest") processors. Those models should be available in the third quarter.

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