U.S. Army Introducing Macs Into Server Arsenal

United States - In an attempt to make the front-line security harder for hackers to hack, the U.S. Department of Army has developed a strategy which involves using Apple Macs in addition to Windows based computers. The idea stems from the fact that fewer attacks have been developed against Mac machines. The Army believes that by using a mix of computers, a single hack attack will not be able to completely take down a portion of their network at any given time.

A good strategy, but it may be an unfounded degree of security. A recent ZD Net blog [Warning, big page load with 400+ comments] indicates that Mac OS X is less secure than Windows XP or Vista. An average of 20+ flaws were found each month with OS X, compared to less than 4 flaws per month with Windows. It should be possible to construct an attack which would exploit both Windows and OS X systems at the same time. Of course, TGDaily.com does not recommend this.

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