Intel Ultrabook 'Bounces' Ball Using Accerlerometer

What appears to be an Intel video posted on YouTube suggests that an accelerometer in an Ultrabook can make your interaction with the notebook much more interesting (and probably not just for the user). In a very simple application you could, for example, control a tennis racket by moving your notebook through the air accordingly, and swing the racket at the ball.

From a software engineer's perspective, this may be an interesting idea. But, as a user, do I think that my notebook, even if it is light, resembles the look and feel of a tennis racket? Nope. And let's not imagine a javelin competition, even if there are computers you would want to throw out of the window occasionally.

According to the engineer's presentation, moving an Ultrabook instead of using keys is how "kids and children could experience the Ultrabook in a different and a beautiful and reimagined way." I am not sure how many kids have been consulted when Intel came up with this tennis racket demonstration, but speaking from experience, kids occasionally lose control over Wii Remotes. The last thing I would want to see flying through my family room is a $1000 Ultrabook.

The video was not posted to Intel's official YouTube channel, so it may not have full corporate approval, especially with the title "Bounce a ball with your device." Unless this software comes with some sort of insurance and a free product replacement warranty, there may not be much opportunity in the real world. We still live in a world in which a notebook should remain in a stable position on a reasonable horizontal surface. I don't see many people bouncing balls with their Ultrabooks anytime soon.

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  • freggo
    The accelerometer can surely be used to count 'bounces' of the computer.
    So you can go joging with you notebook under your arm and when you return it can tell you how many bounces (steps) you joged. Combine this with the distance info from the -hopefully built in- GPS system and the computer can instantly calculate your average stride length.

    So much for another useless use of the accelerometer in that $1000 piece of hardware :-)

    Or you can drive with it, parked on the passenger seat, over a cobblestone road while you test drive various models from your local dealers. You can then let the computer calculate which car gave you the smoothest ride. But we than take the one with the biggest engine and the meanest exhaust sound anyway. :-)
  • boiler1990
    I care more about the fact that the Ultrabook in the video has a touch screen.
  • InvalidError
    I doubt many people will play accelerometer games on a laptop.

    Good luck playing accelerometer games once hinges start wearing down and loosen due to all that shaking.
  • suture
    This.. sounds... looks ... ridiculous and useless
  • Azn Cracker
    omg now i HAVE to buy one!
  • mrmez
    Tits on a bull.
  • Do you really want kids to shake your laptop?
  • aftcomet
    Most pointless thing I've seen all month. Any device with an accelerometer does this.
  • cats_Paw
    What exactly is this? buy a laptopt to move a ball in the sceen with the screen? I think id rather get a real ball...
  • assasin32
    Good now people can download an App on Windows 8 to rate how good their throw of their ultrabook was when they get mad at Metro or the new interface.