AMD Pokes at Intel With Valentine's Day Gifts

Tech companies often send swag to journalists as part of their promotional efforts. Apparently AMD has been sending out some special items for Valentine's Day that poke at Intel's troubles with Sandy Bridge.

We didn't receive any of these items from AMD, but Cnet did and thankfully they blogged about them.

AMD sent an "I (heart) APU" ceramic mug that read:

Dear Dan,

I heard that Sandy B. broke your heart and wanted to let you know that I'm here for you. Oh, and I have a cousin from Llano, Texas I'd like to introduce you to soon--I think you two will really hit it off!


AMD Fusion APU

AMD also sent a box of chocolates. They weren't exactly shaped like processors, which would have been cool, but it's still nice to get gifts for Valentine's Day.

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  • someguynamedmatt
    Lol... gotta love AMD...
  • fshaharyar
    gotta love the PR who did that
    now that is amazing marketing without attacking someone.

  • reprotected
    Wheres the Bulldozer?
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  • someguynamedmatt
    Lol... gotta love AMD...
  • reprotected
    Wheres the Bulldozer?
  • Anonymous