Vodafone Giving 4G Customers Additional 4GB of Data

Vodafone yesterday announced plans to roll out its LTE service in an additional five cities by the end of the month. However, hidden in the announcement was an offer that would place Vodafone in an extremely competitive position as far as data allowances are concerned.

In addition to five new cities, Vodafone also revealed that 4G-ready customers who have already taken out a 4G plan will get an extra 4 GB of data. Dubbed 4GBonus, this promotion will give existing and new customers an additional 4 GB of data every month. If you want in on this, you'll need to sign up before the end of October to avail yourself of the promotion. Indeed, 6 GB of 4G data for £26 per month (Vodafone's cheapest 4G plan) isn't a bad deal at all.

Vodafone's SIM-only 4G plans start at £26, which will net you 6 GB of data with this new bonus included and six months of either Spotify Premium or Sky Sports MobileTV for free. Vodafone's plans go up to £36 for 12 GB of data (again, with the bonus included). Meanwhile, O2 and EE are offering 1 GB of data on their £26 SIM-only 4G plans. Between Vodafone's high data caps and Three's plans to offer 4G coverage for free come December, things are certainly heating up in the 4G space.

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  • apache_lives
    Vodafone in Australia sucks i will never use them again
  • brimur
    Even 50GB a month is a joke when you consider 4G speeds. I cant wait for that one brave carrier that does actual "all you can eat" data without limitation. Not only will they take the mobile market, they could take customers away from the DSL/Fibre market too