CES 2006: Highlights of Wednesday's coverage from TG Daily

There is - but like most everything in the CE industry, there's at least three, if not more, including multimedia over coaxial (MoCA), FireWire, and various stabs in the dark at wireless, some using the letter-of-the-day for 802.11. Everybody wants to be the media provider, with DirecTV getting into the PC business, Skype getting into the hardware business, and Intel getting into the service business. And strangely enough, while all this is going on, you might get the sudden feeling that Microsoft is becoming a more minor player in all of this - or, at least, not really the dominant player. At the very least, you could argue that Microsoft is seeking the same dominance that everyone else who came to the show is seeking, and in much the same way. Here now are links to the key stories that highlighted TG Daily's coverage of "day zero" of CES 2006.

Highlights From Day One Of CES 2006