Western Digital Intros My Book Duo

Western Digital on Tuesday launched the latest member of its My Book line of desktop storage solutions. Called the WD My Book Duo, this device consists of two WD RED NAS hard drives adding up to 6 TB, 7 TB and 8 TB capacities, depending on your budget. The device also provides USB 3.0 connectivity (2 ports) and transfer speeds up to 290 MB/s, thus saving data on the My Book Due is simple and fast.

According to the company, the WD My Book Duo is optimized for small RAID environments and configured in RAID 0 by default for maximum capacity and performance. Customers can also switch to RAID 1 for mirroring data stored on the first drive, or switch to JBOD to use each drive individually. This setup also features 256-bit AES hardware encryption, and a dedicated controller for RAID volume management.

In addition to the hardware RAID modes, the My Book Duo also comes with WD SmartWare Pro backup software and a WD Edition of Acronis True Image software. By using WD SmartWare Pro, customers can back up their important files securely. They can also back up data to a Dropbox account, providing an offsite copy, and/or back up the data stored in a Dropbox account.

As for Acronis True Image WD Edition, this software will back up the entire system disk drive -- including the operating system, settings and all the user’s data -- or selected partitions. This software provides everything you need to recover your computer system should data become lost due to a complete hard drive crash or accidental deletion. Supported platforms span from Windows XP SP3 to Windows 8.

Available now at select retailers and WD’s online shop, the 4 TB version of WD’s new My Book Duo costs $279.99, the 6 TB version costs $349.99 and the 8 TB version costs $449.99.

The WD My Book Duo follows the original My Book that offers 2 TB, 3 TB and 4 TB of storage. This version supplies only one hard drive, so no hardware RAID configuring is needed. This model also provides USB 3.0 connectivity and the same software that’s offered on the larger My Book Duo.

If you're looking for a storage solution that can be accessed from anywhere? Try the WD My Cloud, an external hard drive that can be used to backup your favorite documents and media files. These files can be accessed from anywhere using a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone via free apps. This device also provides WD SmartWare Pro and integrated Dropbox support.

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  • dstarr3
    I can't wait for a 4TB Passport. Though I know there are some technical limitations that need to be overcome first.
  • Pherule
    Raid 0 by default. +1 respect to Western Digital.