Intel Demonstrates Arrandale Running WinZip

Now that we know Intel  is well on its way for Westmere production, we should soon expect 32nm-based Clarkdale for desktops and Arrandale for notebooks.

With Clarksfield with Nehalem architecture is now here for high-end Core i7 notebooks, the Core 2 Duo's days are numbered as it slowly slips down the charts. The 32nm Arrandale will be a replacement for the Core 2 Duo, with some expecting the new chip to arrive with Core i3 branding.

We can expect dual-cores with Arrandale, but there will be Hyper-Threading technology, giving it the ability to act as four logical cores. With the addition of HT and other architectural improvements brought about by Nehalem, notebooks based on Arrandale will be significantly faster than those built off of Core 2 Duo. There will also be on-chip graphics, which, love it or hate it, will make things easier for OEMs to design smaller systems. The only question is if you can wait until 2010 for those to arrive.

We've captured a video from the Intel Developer Forum showcasing some of Arrandale's performance advantages. It's nothing too groundbreaking (the newer technology is faster – surprise, surprise), but at least you get to see it up and running... WinZip.