Panasonic Develops "Less Than 1-Watt" WiGig Chipset

The device is designed to manage multi-gigabit millimeter wave wireless communication and enable communication between wireless devices using the WiGig specification.

Panasonic said that the chipset can be integrated in products such as smartphones, where it will consume less than 1 watt. The technology would allow a user to transfer a 30 minute HD video within 10 seconds, the manufacturer stated.

The chipset includes a 60 GHz transceiver LSI as well as a baseband processing LSI with Media Access Control (MAC) packet processing capability. Panasonic claims that the chipset will run at below 1 watt even when it performs at a "high" data rate of 2.5 Gbps. The low power consumption was achieved by using a "low power consumption MAC packet processing technology" and "high-speed control circuits to keep the processor clock frequency low."

There was no information when the chipset will go into mass production.

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  • mrkdilkington
    Less than 1.21 * 10^-9 jigga watts!!
  • mauller07
    While i do enjoy the speed improvements, they still need to work on implementing full duplex wireless systems, is good they are improving speeds but when its still based on a hub principle your still sharing that bandwidth between all the clients on the node.
  • 830hobbes
    But I thought Apple patented wireless data transfer? no?