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Nvidia Tegra 4i Wiko Wax Hands-on (Update: Benchmarks)

Update with benchmarks

Thanks to Tom's Hardware France, we have benchmarks of Tegra 4i in the Wiko Wax. Performance is pretty modest, so this handset will have to target a value-oriented segment.

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We first told you about the Tegra 4i exactly a year ago. It’s related to the Tegra 4 that we’ve come super well-acquainted with in the Nvidia Shield and Tegra Note 7, but rather than using A15 cores it uses A9. The relation becomes apparent in the GPU component of the Tegra 4i, which shares the same architecture with the Tegra 4 but with three vertex units instead of six. The Tegra 4i also integrates the i500 cellular modem, which can now be found in the new Tegra Note 7 LTE model.

Now at MWC, we've had our first chance to go hands-on with a real phone running Tegra 4i – the Wiko Wax. It's not a name that most of you will recognize, but this French phone maker is making waves in Europe. Naturally, this phone will be mainly for the European markets of France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Italy, UK and Belgium.


The Wiko Wax is unassuming and utilitarian. While many phone makers are looking for ways to use alternative materials and textures, the Wax is a black slab. It's purely about function and we love the fact that the battery is removable and that there's support for microSD expansion.

We didn't get a chance to test the camera, but it's advertised as an 8MP shooter.


The 4.7-inch screen is a 720p display, which is now clear to be the entire Tegra 4 family's preferred resolution. While some may wish for a more pixel-dense display, users will appreciate the design decision when it comes time to game. Simply put, Tegra 4 is optimized on a 720p screen -- and there's nothing particular that would lead us to believe that the T4i can reach greater heights than its big brother. 

In many ways the Wiko Wax follows some of the same design decisions Nvidia made for the Tegra Note 7. It's not the most sexy looking device on the market, we're expecting the Wiko Wax to be a relatively economical option.

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