Yahoo!: We Were Never a Search Company

Yahoo! has seen some big changes in recent months. In fact, since the company appointed Carol Bartz there's been more "shake-ups" than you can well, shake a stick at. Most recently, the company rolled out some homepage changes allowing users to update their Facebook, and share links all without leaving the Yahoo! homepage. In other words, it added extra features aside from search. The company has been touting itself as a web portal for some time now and according to Carol Bartz, Yahoo! was never a search company at all.

In a recent interview with the New York Times, Bartz says that she's more than happy with Yahoo!'s 20 percent share of the search market because according to Carol, "her fortunes are tied to her pages."

The Yahoo! CEO went on to say that the company will be investing more money in its pages to bring everything in line with what the company's sports page is like at the moment (i.e. original content as opposed to relying on content from third party sources). How is Yahoo! going to go about it? In her interview with the Times, Bartz pointed out that there are plenty of unemployed journalists at the moment.

What sort of company do you think Yahoo! is? Let us know in the comments below!

Check out the full story here.

  • afrobacon
    What sort of company do you think Yahoo! is?
    One I don't use...
  • downer88
    One I try to avoid now since their deal with M$, and too bad since they were among the first. How can they say they weren't a search company, when they used to catagorize webpages before search engines were efficient?
  • griffed88

    i'll second that.
  • thepetey
    i personally use Yahoo for Sports/Fantasy/Games/News more than i use it to search the web. So i agree.. the main focus isnt and shouldnt be a Search Engine
  • If it was never a search company, then why did they start the company like 13 or whatever years ago? To me, yahoo! was a search engine and nothing else back then. Maybe now its not just a search engine...but it was at one point.
  • tenor77
    Every time she opens her mouth, stupid falls out.
    I have no problem with female execs, but this woman is a ditz
  • jerther
    Yahoo in 1996
    Yeah... Don't know about you but this looks like a search engine to me :|
  • I always thought yahoo was more like a news/entertainement website, like msn,reuters, etc...
  • jcknouse
    +1 to downer88
  • hellwig
    Yahoo has always been a web portal, it has mostly used third-party search engines throughout its history. First Inktomi, then even Google (remember the Google logo on the results?), until it only recently developed its own, which it is now discarding in favor of Bing. I used to use Yahoo as my primary web portal, until web portals in general became to cluttered for me.

    Yahoo is still the largest online email service, which I still use.