Video: Did You Know?

Technology is moving at an ever increasing rate of development, and just a few years from now, we'll be exponentially more informed and equipped than we were in all of human history.

While this isn't a news post in the traditional sense, I just wanted to share with everyone I stumbled into on YouTube. Created by by Karl Fisch, modified by Scott McLeo and Jeff Brenman. The video is simply called Did You Know, and goes through several interesting facts about technology and society today. For example, China will soon become the number one English speaking country in the world, and while it took the radio 38 years to reach a market audience of 50 million, it only took the iPod 3 years.

Also, the total number of text messages sent everyday now, exceeds the total population of planet Earth.

Check out the video. There are some pretty interesting facts.

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  • 08nwsula
    most of these facts are just depressing
  • tuannguyen
    alapIt is disappointing that this is making news on Tom's now, the video has been around, in several different incarnations, for years!So much for the bleeding edge of information...

    Hi alap -

    I did mention in the article it wasn't news. But I thought it was a pretty cool short video to share with people. You may have seen it, but I'm pretty sure not everyone has. And that version of the video was made last year.

    Nothing wrong with sharing information with those who may not have seen it I reckon.

    / Tuan
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  • 08nwsula
    most of these facts are just depressing
  • MagicPants
    Anybody know what a hockey stick graph is?
    Anyone know why the financial system is failing?
    In 1995, 121 slight upward trends were viewed by analysts who then exaggerated them and assumed the trend would continue forever.
    In 2005, 5137 trends were exaggerated.
    By 2015 that number WILL grow to 4,000,017
  • notben
    Fascinating to say the least.