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Qualcomm StreamBoost Will Control, Optimize Wi-Fi Networks

Qualcomm said on Friday that it will be showcasing StreamBoost technology for 802.11ac routers and gateways during CES 2013 in Las Vegas. Developed by subsidiary Qualcomm Atheros, this new tech will give each device and each application the bandwidth it needs to ensure the best possible experiences in the connected home.

"StreamBoost provides users with advanced control over their home networks to enable the first truly smart, connected homes," said Frank Azor, general manager, Alienware. "This technology will provide gamers with a more reliable and better performing online gaming experience, whether there are two, 12 or 20 devices using the network simultaneously."

According to the company, StreamBoost takes 802.11ac networking to the next level by managing and "shaping" network traffic. Each connected device and application will be given priority and bandwidth for optimal performance so that Black Ops II Zombies doesn't lag, or an episode of Glee streamed from Netflix doesn't pause during a juicy scene.

In addition to "shaping" network connections, StreamBoost also incorporates an opt-in, cloud-based service that continually increases the intelligence of the router. This will identify and optimally manage new applications as they're added to the network, the company said.

"StreamBoost's interface makes understanding and using routers more intuitive than ever before," Qualcomm said. "For the first time, users can view all computers, tablets, phones and other connected devices on the home's network -- as well as the applications they are using, and the real-time bandwidth usage of each application and device -- on one easy-to-use StreamBoost interface."

StreamBoost routers will be available to consumers this spring at e-commerce and retail outlets in North America, Europe and Asia. Meanwhile, Alienware and D-Link Systems, Inc. will be demonstrating StreamBoost routers based on Qualcomm VIVE 802.11ac technology for Gigabit-class Wi-Fi at CES 2013. Qualcomm  said it will also be showcasing its own VIVE 802.11ac router products during the show, so we'll drop by and see what that's all about.

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