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Apple Rumorama: Tablet in Feb '10, $800-$1000

Rumors about Apple's tablet have been rather quiet as of late but that doesn't mean the tech world has forgotten all about it. Despite it being a no show at Apple's snooze-fest, er, iPod event last Wednesday, people are more than happy to look to the next event and hope it bears fruit. 

Originally pegged to be something like a large iPod Touch (making it reasonable to think Apple would debut the device at its music event last week), all the speculation and reports got a refresh this morning thanks to a report in Taiwan Economic News.

TEN reports that Apple will launch the device next February and cites industry sources that claim shipments will be delivered to the Cupertino-based company in December. Further, TEN says that DynaPack has been exclusively contracted to supply up to 300,000 long lasting battery packs a month for the device, while Wintek is said to be supplying the displays.

Specs-wise you're looking at a 9.6-inch touchscreen, HSPDA, and a processor from Apple's own P.A SEMI. Price? Oh, somewhere between $800 to $1000.