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Infographic Shows What Tech Could be in 150 Years

A BBC future infographic offers a look into what science, technology and society will evolve into from now to 2150.

The predictions come from a variety of sources including IBM, MIT, NASA and general news publications. During 2013, the infographic predicts the Chinese overcoming "The Great Firewall", which is what limits access to certain websites in the region, while another prediction sees Google acquiring Pinterest.

The next few years is expected to see the fruition of a digital currency universally accepted in the U.S., as well as a social network overtaking Facebook in terms of popularity, while farmers will utilize robots for agricultural purposes.

Looking ahead, high-resolution bionic eye implants could expand one's vision by 2019, while robot pilots could very well fly commercial airplanes come 2030. All cars, meanwhile, could become automated and driverless by 2037.

Elsewhere, over the course of the next two centuries, UK universities have warned that computers could take over the world.

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