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Report: Apple Developing 15-inch Super-Slim MacBook Pro

Just last week, Apple launched its new line of Sandy Bridge equipped MacBook Airs. However, it seems the MacBook Air is not the only superslim laptop Apple has been working on. Rumor has it that Cupertino's got an uber-skinny 15-inch MacBook Pro in development. Not only that, but the laptop is supposedly near completion.

MacRumors was first to report the news and readily admits that it's not sure if this is an addition to the MacBook Air line, or a new design for the MacBook Pro. However, the blog claims that what it does know is that the laptop has entered "late testing stages at Apple." The Unofficial Apple Weblog has since chimed in with its own version of events, reporting that yes, this will be a MacBook Pro. TUAW also reports that there will be a second model, this one a 17-inch notebook, to go along with the first slim machine and that both will appear as part of a MacBook Pro refresh.

There isn't much in the way of details at the moment. TUAW reckons that the laptops might be available in time for Christmas but, other than that, there's nothing regarding specs available right now. One of the more interesting points is that the Air's skinny form-factor has seen Apple ditch the optical drive. It's not clear if these diet-Pros will also lose their drives. While we're waiting for more information, let us know if a MacBook Pro dressed in MacBook Air clothing sounds like something you'd be interested in!

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