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Steam for Linux Now in Open Beta

Valve said on Wednesday that Steam for Linux Beta is now available to all Steam customers – an invitation is no longer needed. To participate, users must either download the latest Steam Linux client from here, or upgrade the existing version to the latest release. Bugs will be tracked using GitHub which provides a better interface for bug tracking than what was used in the closed beta.

Also now available is the Steam for Linux respository which is currently empty. This will allow anyone with a free GitHub account to create a new issue, edit or track it, and search the existing bug database. Details on how to create a new issue are listed within a file located in the repository, but it basically describes the same format used in the closed beta.

"The team will continue working through existing issues in the forum but it is strongly recommended that any new issues be entered using GitHub's issue tracking interface," Valve said. "The sub forums will remain open so that people can join/continue existing discussions about the Steam for Linux client."

Valve has also launched a Steam installer package repository. Users of the Linux Beta client can get an email notification when the steam installer package has been updated by signing up with this mailing list.

In addition to going into open beta mode, the latest Steam for Linux client features several fixes and improvements as seen below:

* Linux - Fixed excessive CPU usage by the Steam client when running Team Fortress 2
* Linux - Fixed overlay crash when starting Cubemen
* Big Picture - Improved back navigation behavior throughout user interface
* Big Picture - Added discount timers and other user interface to store

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