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MacBook Owner Sues Apple Over Defective Motherboard

Omar Rosales states that Apple notebooks are "rendered useless" when the "logic board fails". That may be rather common sense, but Rosales claims that Apple has been aware of a problem and simply did not disclose it.

The complaint notes that Rosales had to replace a defect motherboard and pay $335.58 for the repair. Apparently, there were "hundreds" of similar issues reported by other users, which led him to file suit.

So far there has been not much detail that could provide an indication that this lawsuit will proceed, especially since there was no information in what timeframe the incidents occurred and whether Apple intentionally was hiding any information. Rosales said that a web page entitled "MacBook Pro Logic Board Failure" has been viewed more than 100,000 times, but there was no connection to actual product failures.

Apple declined to comment on the issue.

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