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Ultrabooks Could See Price Pressure Due to New Macbook Air

According to Digitimes, the RFQs affect MacBook Pro and MacBook Air computers as well as the speculation that Apple could lower the prices of its current notebooks to clear out its stock. The MacBook Air sells from $999 and the MacBook Pro from $1,199 at this time.

While any update to its Macbook Air is significant for all vendors that offer Ultrabooks, it would be rather silly to assume that Apple will not be updating its Air and all other notebooks this years, especially when we know that Intel is preparing the introduction of a new processor architecture.

As long as Ultrabook vendors are still trailing the concept of the MacBook Air, there may indeed be reason for concern that Ultrabook sales could be negatively impacted. Of course, vendors could also choose a route to innovation to differentiate their Ultrabooks from Apple's Macbook Air other than in SSD/HDD space, processor speed and coloring.

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