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Archos GamePad 2 Confirmed for $200, £170 in the UK

Archos this week confirmed its GamePad 2 tablet, which is set for launch later this month. This will be the second Archos GamePad released this year, as the first iteration, the Archos GamePad, was only launched in March of this year. Still, the arrival of the GamePad 2 isn't exactly a surprise, given the specs were actually leaked online in late September.


Archos says the new GamePad 2 will feature a 7-inch 1280 x 800 IPS display, a quad-core Cortex A9 CPU clocked to 1.6 GHz graphics paired with quad-core Mali 400 MP4 graphics, 2 GB of RAM, two analog thumbsticks, a D-pad, six additional front-facing buttons, four shoulder buttons, stereo speakers, built-in mic, HDMI out, WiFi, and 8 GB or 16 GB of storage (plus additional via microSD). These specs match up perfectly with the rumors we heard a couple of weeks ago.

The original GamePad used a dual-core Archos Cortex A9 CPU (also clocked to 1.6 GHz), had a 7-inch 1024 x 600 capacitive display, had 1 GB of RAM and Android Jelly Bean. Archos says the new model has improved battery life but did not dish the deets on battery size on the new model.

The GamePad 2 is launching in Q4 and will cost $200, or £179.99 in the UK. According to Pocket-Lint, the device is scheduled for European availability at the end of October. We'll keep you posted on that one.

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