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Nvidia Fermi GF108 GPU Die Shots Leaked Too

Yet another leaked Nvidia GPU is somewhere out there. This time it's the GF108 chip, which should be another variant of the Fermi family.

This picture, snapped and posted on XtremeSystems forums, shows an unblurred out version of the GF108, A1 revision. We gather that the card was seen in Hungary, given the forum poster's location and the 100 forint coin.

The die size measures an estimated 130 mm2 which may point to the GF108 being half of a GF106, possibly giving it 96 SPs. There are also four memory chips in the front, and possibly four more in the back for a 128-bit memory interface. Interestingly, the chips are DDR3, not DDR5, which could put this straight to the entry level.

(via VR-Zone.)