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Rage Screens Released; PS3 Better Than X360

Tuesday id Software released a new batch of screenshots from the upcoming FPS for the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, Rage. Although the game was originally announced back in 2007, Rage may or may not hit retail stores by the end of the year--it's believed that it may not see a release until next year. Until then, we'll have to endure the random teases id dishes out.

Destructoid reports that id Software whipped out the latest build during last month's Bethesda Softworks press event. Apparently this was the first time anyone had seen a console version, as previous demos typically used the PC version of Rage (can't say "port," as that's not the case).

But no matter the platform, id's Tim Willits promises that id Tech 5 will offer true cross-platform technology. When asked about the PlayStation 3 version, Willits said that the PS3 demo was definitely an option for the event, but he opted for the Xbox 360 instead. "Our program director actually said 'Do you want to take the PS3? I think it's actually running better,'" he said.

Check out the latest screens below--clicking on one will pull up the entire gallery.