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Surprise Industry Fact: ARM's Biggest Customer is Intel

In 2010, Intel was ARM's most significant resource of licensing revenue, but it has been unclear which products Intel is paying licensing fees for.

According to an article published by EETimes, about 7.0 percent of ARM's 2010 revenue - $631.3 million - came from Intel. That amounts to about $44 million in licensing fees. The source of this information is Nomura Equity Research, which, however, did not disclose where this number came from and which products it relates to. Netronome, which uses Intel as a contract foundry for its NFP-6xxx series Flow Processor, recently stated that the chips will integrated an ARMv6-based ARM11 core. Depending on the success of the chips, it is likely that Intel's payments to ARM will be increasing down the road.

According to Nomura, TSMC contributes 5.7 percent to ARM's revenue base, Samsung 5.7 percent, TI 4.6 percent, and NEC 3.5 percent. Interestingly, there is also AMD on the list (2.5 percent) - ahead of Infineon, Apple, Qualcomm, Fujitsu, and UMC.