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Intel Meteor Lake Architecture Added to Linux Kernel

(Image credit: Shutterstock)

In an article by Phoronix, Intel has already begun hardware enablement for its future Meteor Lake processors and is set to come in with Linux kernel version 5.10. While Meteor Lake is still two to three years down the road, Intel wants to get these future CPUs supported as soon as possible to ensure compatibility once they release. Intel is always in development of future architectures, even if that architecture is several generations ahead of other designs they are working on.

Intel's Meteor Lake architecture will be the successor to Tiger Lake (11th Gen) and Alder Lake (12th Gen) CPUs set to come next year, roadmaps say it will be Intel's first architecture on a 7nm process using future Ocean Cove CPU cores with Gracemount CPU cores. If you're confused about that, Intel's developing a hybrid strategy starting with its 12th Gen CPUs that involves using two different sets of CPU cores for better efficiency, smaller more efficient cores for low-powered workloads, and standard high-performance cores for more power-hungry applications.

So far we have no indicators of what Meteor Lake performance will be like, but given Intel's 10nm SuperFIN will be succeeded by its new 7nm process, I think it would be appropriate to believe Meteor Lake will be noticeably quicker vs Intel's future 11th and 12th Gen CPUs.