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RealNetworks Hit With Legal Action for DVD Copying Software

In a recent, very left-field action – six major studios have filed a suit against RealNetworks for their ‘brand-new’ DVD copying software. RealDVD.

RealDVD adds an extra layer of copy protection while somewhat crippling DRM. Movies backed up with RealDVD can only be played on one computer, effectively limiting the portability of standard DRM which brings one to think about why you would use this software anyways.

The usefulness of RealDVD is what makes these recent legal suits interesting. It is somewhat boggling what the six big entities figure they are going to lose out on when it comes to RealDVD. It is ‘possible’ that Paramount Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox, Universal Studios, Warner Brothers, Columbia Pictures, Walt Disney and Sony are not happy with the potential misuse of DRM that RealNetworks is imposing with their added layer of extremely useless protection.

With the amount of freely available software available to perform the same functions with extremely less limitation, it is hard to imagine why someone would purchase RealDVD to begin with.

RealNetworks has apparently filed a countersuit which brings new light to the interpretation of Hollywood’s DVD licensing. Best case scenario? The best legal outcome would be to permit the use of crippled software like RealDVD – which nobody is going to pay for anyways.