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Red Hat Releases Fedora 16

Version 16 comes with Aeolus Conductor, which creates and manages cloud instances; Spice USB, which provides file sharing and audio messaging for virtualized desktops; as well as an integrated GNOME 3.2 and KDE 4.7 desktop. Developers get support for Perl 5.14, GCC Python Plugins and D2.

"The open source community sets a new bar for technical excellence in the creation of this release," said Jared Smith, Leader, The Fedora Project, in a prepared statement. "Fedora 16 combines the newest advancements in open source virtualized and cloud computing environments with significant under-the hood-improvements – all while continuing to improve the operating system’s usability. The Fedora Project’s commitment to advancing free and open source software is absolutely reflected in what the community delivered in Fedora 16."

The big news for Fedora is that the OS has arrived in the cloud age and allows users to control cloud instances via a new web-based UI. There is also HekaFS, a cloud version of GlusterFS.