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CPU Stress Test: We "Stress Out" AMD and Intel

Stress At Maximum Load

AMD platform with ATI graphics card

AMD platform with Nvidia graphics card

Both the AMD and Intel systems will run non-stop at maximum load for at least five consecutive days. All data will be permanently displayed throughout the duration of the test, including time and temperature readings for the motherboards and CPUs, processor load, storage utilization and network load.

A lot of time and debate went into deciding which software to use in the stress test. We wanted to pick a program that was up to date and useful, with an attractive visual display. In the end we opted for Benchmark 3D Mark05, which will be run in nonstop mode. To get all we could out of the graphics chips, we set all quality parameters to maximum. At the same time, the individual benchmark runs will be counted. There is also a display that will register any system crash and record the time it occurs.