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K6-2 Performance Guide

(Over)clocking - 112 MHz Bus Speed

Some motherboards (e.g. FIC VA-503+) allow 112 MHz bus frequency. Please consider that PCI and AGP cards as well as all on board components are being overclocked with this setting. As we've seen above, the L2 speed is the key to high system performance. To ensure the highest possible performance, I took the FIC motherboard with 1 MB L2 cache again. Now let's see what we can expect:

You can see that the K6-2 clocked at 336 MHz is only 4% slower than a Pentium II 350 MHz and about 3.5% faster than a Pentium II 300 MHz. Both L2 cache and SDRAM are clocked with 112 MHz and help to increase the windows performance.

The K6-2 is only slower by 2% compared to the Pentium II 350 and approximately 4% faster than a Pentium II 300 MHz. This difference comes mainly from the high bus speed of the K6-2 during these tests.

Everybody knows that Quake II just wants pure performance, no matter how. The fast bus and memory speed helps the K6-2 to be only 2.5% slower than a Pentium II 350 and 15% (!) faster than a 300 MHz Pentium II. Considering that a K6-2 333 MHz clocked at 336 MHz and with AMD's 3DNow! support provides Quake II performance at the level of a Pentium II 350 MHz I think that's the ultimate Quake II gaming machine for people who cannot afford buying a Pentium II.