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31 USB 3.0 Thumb Drives, Tested And Reviewed

USB 3.0 Thumb Drives With Special Functionality

Three of the thumb drives we're reviewing (the PQI Tiffy, Integral's Crypto Dual, and the LaCie RuggedKey) are in this category for very different reasons.

PQI's Tiffy is the slimmest drive in our round-up. With its height of 4.5 mm, it’s just as thick as a USB port. This makes it significantly smaller than the other products we benchmarked. The size difference is especially notable compared to the rugged drives on the previous page. It might not stand up to rough treatment like they can, but we're a lot more comfortable with the Tiffy in our key chain.

The Integral Crypto Dual, as well as the LaCie RuggedKey, encrypt data using 256-bit AES. They only allow access to that data once you've entered a password that's set through bundled software.

LaCie's RuggedKey employs a modified version of TrueCrypt. It also includes a simple data backup utility called LaCie Timeline, which unfortunately doesn’t feature disaster recovery.