Toshiba Launches Its First 3D Notebook in the US

The A665 is Toshiba's first 3D notebook for the U.S. Powered by Nvidia’s Vision technology the Satellite A665 features Intel's Core i7 quad-core CPU with TurboBoost technology, Nvidia’s GeForce GTS 350M (with 1GB of GDDR3 VRAM), a 15.6-inch diagonal TruBrite display, LED backlighting (which goes really nice with the LED backlit keyboard), 120Hz refresh rate, a rewriteable Blu-ray drive and Dolby Advanced Audio with Harman/Kardon speakers.

Of course, you'll also get a pair of 3D Vision active shutter glasses too, so you can take watch all those 3D movies you've got lying around. If you don't happen to have any handy, Toshiba says those of you forking over cash for the A665 will also avail of pre-installed 3D games also allows users to enjoy next-generation entertainment as soon as the PC is first switched on.

Starting at $1,600, the A665 will hit stores on June 20.

Toshiba is also launching a version of the A665 without the 3D technology and an entertainment laptop called the M645. Gizmodo reports that both of these include options for Core i3 through to Core i7, as well as AMD's Phenom II Quad Core and discrete graphics. They also come with Nvidia's graphics switching Optimus technology. They'll be available on June 20, too, and will start at $800 and $730 respectively.

Toshiba also launched a new budget line called the C Series. According to CNet this line starts at under $500 for 14- and 15-inch C600s but warns that these machines are likely to boast lower-end budget CPUs that won't offer the same speeds as Core i3 laptops in the $500. Toshiba also gave the super thin T135 and T115 cosmetic makeovers, making them sleeker and adding raised keyboards. With AMD's Athlon II Neo, Turion II Neo or Intel Pentium dual-core CPUs, it's not clear if these babies are getting any under the hood updates.

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  • idiom
    $1,600? I'd buy this if I was in the market for a new lappy.
  • del35
    Ummmm, its great that it wasn't Apple or would be hearing ad nauseum "how brilliant" Mr Jobs is.
  • babachoo
    I'd buy something like this if...

    1. It was 1080p or 1200p (doesn't specify in article)
    2. It was at least 17.3" or 18.4"
    3. It had a much better graphics card like a 5870 or even dual cards
    4. It had 7200 dual 500GB drives, or SSD's

    But as it stands, I wouldn't buy it. The laptop manufacturers need to learn that just because you have 4/6 features that your market wants, DOES NOT mean that they'll settle for your 4/6 instead of looking around for or waiting for something that has 6/6 of what they want.