AMD 'Bulldozer' CPU Not Coming Early

According to inside information, AMD will not release its 32nm Bulldozer CPU before late 2010 even though Intel's rival processor will roll out by Q4 2009.

Once AMD kick-started its spin-off company The Foundry Co, established to handle all the manufacturing aspects of the CPU giant, AMD focused on utilizing a plethora of engineering resources. After the spin-off company took root, AMD rewrote its roadmap for the 32nm manufacturing process, pushing up the schedule from 2011 to late 2010. Thus, it seemed likely that AMD would be able to push its next-generation CPU architecture, codenamed Bulldozer earlier than previously predicted to take on Intel's 32nm-based processor set for a Q4 2009 release.

However, the 32nm development schedule and the Bulldozer development schedules just aren't in synch according to TechConnect Magazine. The Bulldozer family of CPUs are still scheduled for sampling by the end of 2010, with full-volume production kicking off in 2010. Originally slated for a release this year, AMD decided to delay it's Bulldozer-based CPUs, wanting to use the new 32nm process rather than the (then) current 45nm process. However, as it stands, it's likely that AMD's first 32nm processors will not use the Bulldozer architecture after all.

Serving as the successor to the Deneb architecture, the first processor to utilize the Bulldozer architecture goes by the codename Orochi. This processor will feature more than four cores, over 8 MB of L3 cache and a pure DDR3 integrated memory controller. The Orochi is slated for internal testing in late 2010, with full-volume production swinging into motion sometime in 2011.

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  • zedx
    "The Bulldozer family of CPUs are still scheduled for sampling by the end of 2010, with full-volume production kicking off in 2010" ???

    Anyways AMD can easily compete in the $150 - $220 range with phenom II (a 32nm refresh would greatly help) till late 2010 (when Sandy Bridge releases). I'm waiting since a long time for Bulldozer. From all the hype it seems that it's going to be AMD's conroe.
  • thomasxstewart
    Seldom does BIG change Happen & Bulldozer will be taking US from Nahalem/Dunnington World of 2.5 Billion tranistors to Slim Gym of dynamic Porportions learned from X2 thru890/?970, This will bring parity with Intel W/Less WORK MORE QUALITY. Making 2014 where future Bulldozer will Build to. Involved IS Love of BIG Yellow Things Earthly.

  • humand
    AMD will probably die shrink deneb to 32nm before introducing Orochi (bulldozer architecture) but I would like to see a complete roadmap along with what they have to offer graphic-wise overlaping with DX11, PCI3.0 and USB 3.0