VIDEO: Aliens Colonial Marines E3 Demo Walkthrough

Monday Sega uploaded a video clip shot during E3 2011 back in June showing actual gameplay footage from Aliens: Colonial Marines. The demo lasts just over 11 minutes and features a voice-over narration by Gearbox Software head honcho, Randy Pitchford.

As previously reported, the game is a direct sequel to the 1986 movie ALIENS written and directed by James Cameron and starring Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley. If the game follows the ALIEN canon, we won't see any signs of Ripley, but as the demo footage reveals below, gamers get to return to LV-426 and the demolished colony.

As heard in the clip below, Pitchford is amusingly giddy about tromping through the remnants of a virtial alien-ridden set from what most of us know and love as the best ALIEN movie in the franchise. Cross your fingers this won't be just another ALIENS game, but something truly amazing.

Aliens Colonial Marines E3 Demo Walkthrough

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  • Parsian
    This is so freaking awesome. I got goosebumps and my shoulders were crammed to my neck. I fraking love it.
  • alidan
    will be getting on the wiiu, just because i want to see the first fps on it.
  • NuclearShadow
    The game looks great but I don't see any real horror behind it. Pretty much expect NPC's to be pulled through a vent over and over or die scripted deaths when fighting the aliens. This has always been a disappointment to me in games and we really should moved past it unless the death is actually meaningful and story driven. A great example of what I desire would be in STALKER Pripyat during the end of the game every NPC is vulnerable to death but none are guaranteed to die and even gives a different ending. This makes the NPC's life meaningful. Granted random space marines may not be as interesting of characters so a simple alternate ending of more of them on the ship that escapes to safety would work. Much similar to the first Resident Evil game where the endings all revolved around who was saved and them being present in the end game cutscene.

    Horror is nothing without uncertainty and a struggle to keep yourself and better yet others alive. No one should be safe and certain deaths should be kept to a as needed minimum.