Asus Announces EeePC Tablets, the Eee Pads

Asus today previewed its Eee Pad tablet, but disappointed attendees at Computex by saying the device won't be available until the beginning of 2011. When the 12-inch EP121 launches, it will pack Intel's Core 2 Duo CULV processors, and run Windows 7. The company is also planning a 10-inch version, the EP101TC, which run Windows Embedded Compact 7 and packs Nvidia's Tegra. Though Asus mentions there will be a hybrid dock/keyboard for the EP121, there's no word on whether or not this peripheral will be compatible for the smaller EP101TC.

Though the release isn't for at least another six months, Asus reportedly put the price for the Eee Pads at $399 to $499.

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  • Snipergod87
    Those look pretty sexy
  • sliem
    Sexy except the name.
  • tokenz
    No information on specs?